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About us

"You may yet do me another kindness, and that is, to let me hear that, from amongst yourselves, you will continue, as good and able men of The Grey, to support each other and your school and to reunite whenever the opportunity arises – always mindful of those who will no longer be with you."


– Sir George Grey –

The purpose of the Old Greys of the Americas is primarily focused in these areas:

  1. There are more than 380 Old Greys (that we know of) living in North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.  It is our goal to reconnect with all the Old Greys in these regions in order to establish an active Old Grey community and to facilitate professional networking amongst the Old Greys across the Americas.   

  2. We are hoping to re-ignite an interest and passion in the Junior and High Schools that provided such a significant foundation to our lives, and to reconnect Old Greys to the schools. 

  3. We seek to be part of the global Old Grey family, through The Grey Foundation and its organizations around the world. 


A critical goal is to “pay it forward” and ensure that the Grey Schools are financially secure for future generations. Without the support of the alumni around the world, this is simply not possible.  The Grey motto of Tria Juncta In Uno is significant, as it symbolizes Body, Mind and Spirit, which all represent the core values of our mission, and the funds raised will be disbursed in what we refer to as the 5 Pillars of Investment (see below).

There is a common misperception that the Grey Schools are wealthy and not in need of funding. The magnificent school grounds and buildings foster a perception of Grey being a private school with private school funding. Running the operations of The Grey and maintaining the campuses in pristine condition requires significant funding, not to mention investment in bursaries, scholarships and specialized facilities and equipment for music and sporting activities.

The Department of Education's (DoE) funding contribution to the schools is hopelessly inadequate to sustain the high standards of excellence maintained by the schools. As a result there is a growing pressure to charge higher school fees. Less than half the academic and maintenance staff at the schools are funded by the DoE. The DoE's contribution to campus maintenance is about R100 000 per annum, which would hardly refurbish 2 classrooms per year. The Grey Schools are almost entirely reliant on school fees to fund the required operations. While the Grey Schools have an excellent fee paying culture, any significant fee increases could force parents to default, which would lead to a disastrous financial situation.


Invest in Grey's Future



Bursaries for talented boys, for professional coaching, tours and needed equipment. Maintaining existing and providing better sporting infrastructures to ensure all boys are able to compete and achieve at the highest levels.


Scholarships & bursaries for disadvantaged boys and those of deserving need. The provision of teacher incentives by way of staff housing and assisting educators to improve their qualifications to secure their future retention. Upgrading, to and providing modern classrooms equipped with advanced teaching aids.


Supporting Music, Arts, Design, Clubs and Societies together with bursaries and scholarships aligned to these interests. Promoting the expansion of these activities by providing conducive facilities for the expression of these talents and interests.


Government support is minimal in terms of capital requirements and operational maintenance needs for a campus that is 100 years old. Ideally also every opportunity must be explored to maximize effective energy and water use.

Social Responsibility

Support must be given to community programmes and projects identified in township schools. Through support by the Foundation, Grey boys and Staff, others who are disadvantaged may receive a better educational experience aligned with that provided at Grey.

The Grey Foundation Americas is registered as a 501(c) (3) organization, registration number 13-3796671, enabling US taxpayers to treat donations as charitable contributions for tax purposes.

Information on charities may be obtained from the New York Attorney General at (212) 416-8686. 

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